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Neodymium magnets can be manufactured in several ways, and one of the most innovative is the process of compression bonding.They are mainly used in micro-motor (DC motors, servo motors), magnetic resonance imaging, microphone assemblies. Unimagnet provide bonded NdFeB magnet with good quality and competitive price in China.

1.Summary :
Compression bonding is a die-pressing process that involves mixing neodymium powder with an epoxy binder and pressing high-density parts that are then oven-cured.
Compression bonding results in magnets that exhibit higher energy products (more than 10 MGOe) than those made by injection molding; however they are limited to more basic shapes due to the nature of the die-pressing process.
Compression bonded neodymium magnets are ideal for applications requiring tight tolerances and high magnetic strength. They are isotropic C so they may be magnetized in any direction C and the epoxy binder allows bonded magnets to be resistant to most industrial automotive fluids and solvents. Compression bonded magnets exhibit good mechanical strength. Tooling costs are generally lower than they are for injection molded parts. Bonded magnets have an operating temperature range from -40˚C to 140˚C.

2.Typical propertise of Bonded NdFeB magnet

Grade Remanence

Intrinsic Coercivity

Maximum Energy

work temperature
Br Hci (BH)max Tm
  KGs T KOe KA/m MGOe KJ/m3 C
UMN-6 5.2-6.0 0.52-0.60 8.0-10.0 640-800 5-7 40-56 140
UMN-8 6.0-6.5 0.60-0.65 8.0-12.0 640-960 7-9 56-72 140
UMN-10 6.5-7.0 0.65-0.70 8.0-12.0 640-960 9-11 72-80 120
UMN-12 7.0-7.6 0.70-0.76 8.0-11.0 640-880 11-13 80-96 130
UMN-8H 5.5-6.2 0.55-0.62 12.0-16.0 960-1280 6-9 48-72 120

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