Magnet raw material
Presintered Ferrite Powder
Bonded Ferrite Powder
Dry Pressing Ferrite powder
Wet pressing ferrite powder
MnZn Ferrite powder
Alnico powder
Neodymium(NdFeB) powder
Magnet assembly
Flexible magnet
Sinterde Neodymium(NdFeB)
Bonded Neodymium(NdFeB)
Sintered Ferrite
Bonded ferrite
Sintered Alnico
Cast Alnico
Samarium Cobalt
Bonded Alnico
Magnet Coating
Magnet shapes
MnZn Ferrite powder  
Unimagnet supply 5K-18K MnZn High Permeability Ferrite Powder, magnet and magnetic material in the leading competence of China.Unimagnet owns three MnZn High Permeability Ferrite Powder production lines which the annual output 6000 tons. Well-known reputation quality and competitive price.
Power ferrite materials
Power MnZn ferrite materials is high frequency low power loss ferrite materials, equal to PC40(H7C4) of TDK. Mainly used in 100~500KHz Switching power supply transformers.

High ¦Ģi and high Bs materials

Wide frequency high ¦Ģi ferrite materials
This kind of MnZn ferrite materials is high frequency low power loss material. It is mainly used in 500~1000 KHz Switching power supply, equal to PC50 of TDK.


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