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Presintered ferrite powder as a foundational material to produce ferrite magnet,which is the most important magnetic material in electronic industry, electronic information industry, car industry, motorcycle industry. Unimanget provide presintered ferrite powder with stable performance, great quality and most competitive price in China.

1.Manufacture process:

a. Milling magnetite and mill scale into a powder comprising particles of specified particle size;
b. Oxidizing the milled product to obtain a powder containing 98.0% or higher Fe.sub.2 O.sub.3 ;
c. Adding thereto iron oxide originated from iron chloride or iron sulfide together with a carbonate of Sr or Ba; 
d. Calcining the resulting powder mixture.
e. Second-milling to certain  granularity.

2. By different manufacture procedures, there are two kinds of presintered ferrite powder£ş

            A. Wet pressing ferrite powder                            B. Dry pressing ferrite powder



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