Magnet raw material
Presintered Ferrite Powder
Bonded Ferrite Powder
Dry Pressing Ferrite powder
Wet pressing ferrite powder
MnZn Ferrite powder
Alnico powder
Neodymium(NdFeB) powder
Magnet assembly
Flexible magnet
Sinterde Neodymium(NdFeB)
Bonded Neodymium(NdFeB)
Sintered Ferrite
Bonded ferrite
Sintered Alnico
Cast Alnico
Samarium Cobalt
Bonded Alnico
Magnet Coating
Magnet shapes
We seriously promise
    All products that we supply are examined strictly and accorded with user's request. And various kinds of services that we offer to clients are accurate and timely.
Unimagnet provide high quality and stable performance magnet powder.
Unimagnets flexible magnet wide use for refrigerator magnet,  business card magnet, car magnet, etc.
Unimagnet magnet assemblies include magnetic photo frame, magnetic business card, magnetic knife hol
Unimagnet provide excellent quality magnet, various shapes, such as ring, tile(arc), disc, cylinder, rectangle.

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